Valentine Ribbon Wreath

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This Valentine Ribbon Wreath is a fun and easy DIY project, perfect for adults or teens. It adds a festive pop of color to your front door and is an awesome addition to your Valentine’s Day home décor. 

If you enjoyed decorating a shoebox in elementary school for your Valentine party then you will enjoy making this beautiful wreath. Even if you aren’t crafty or artistic you can easily make this beautiful wreath.

You’ll Need:

I grabbed my ribbons from Michaels after Valentine’s Day a couple years ago for a steal. The ribbon spools were only 50-75¢ each and I had a coupon discount for my whole purchase.

Don’t you just love a good deal?

You can pick 1-3 colors or patterns. 

Warning: You might get addicted and make wreaths for every holiday this year.

DIY Valentine Ribbon Wreath

You’re going to create a loop with your first ribbon. Keep this loop small for a more compact wreath or big for a more voluminous wreath.

Twist the base of the loop to secure the size and shape.

Push the loop through the innermost wires of your wreath frame. If you have a little bit of the ribbon loose you can use the wire in the ribbon to twist around the wreath frame and secure it in place.

Create a second loop of the same size and push it through the middle wires of the wreath frame. 

Make your third loop and push it through the outermost wires.

You’re going to continue creating loops and pushing them through alternating slots until your wreath is completely filled in.

If you go with bigger loops you might need extra ribbon or you’ll need to use fewer loops in each section of the wreath for even coverage.

For 2-3 Ribbon colors: 

To use 2 (or more) ribbons you’re going to alternate which spool you use for creating loops.

With 2 colors you can simply switch ribbons for every other loop. Since you’re already rotating which ring of the wire frame you’re putting the loops, you should end up with an even distribution of each ribbon.

For 3 colors you’ll want to alternate which ring of the wire frame you begin with that way you don’t end up with all the same colors in the same rows. 

So for your loops, you’ll push ribbon one through the inner ring, ribbon 2 through the middle ring and ribbon 3 through the outer ring. Then on your next set of loops push ribbon 1 through the center ring, ribbon 2 through the outer ring and ribbon 3 through the inner ring. 

If you don’t like that kind of structure you can totally just eyeball it. It’s completely up to you! Do what works and have fun with this DIY craft project.

This process of making loops and pushing into the wire frame is the most time consuming part of the process but it’s great to do while chatting with a friend, watching TV or listening to a podcast or music. 

Continue to loop and push until your wire frame is all filled in.

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Add Your Extras

Now if you like the look of just the ribbons you can totally stop here. 

If you feel like your wreath looks a bit nekkid and needs some zhushing this is the time to add your extras.

I have some heart picks but you can add faux flowers, an initial, a little sign, a couple hearts hanging in the middle or even little figurines.

Once you settle on a look that you love use floral wire or hot glue to help secure your embellishments. 

After you get those extra touches secured, you may need to fluff your loops . This is why I like using wired ribbon. You can use the wire to keep the loops positioned the way you want them.

Hang Up Your Valentine Ribbon Wreath

Great Job! You’ve made a beautiful ribbon wreath. If you post a  photo of your finished design be sure to tag me @katydidliving so that I can see your amazing ribbon wreath.

Are you addicted to making ribbon wreaths yet?

I learned this technique during a girls weekend with my inlaws and had to make another shortly after, it’s so fun and easy!

If you’d like more craft tutorials like this, let me know in the comments below. 


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  1. Vanessa Harris on February 7, 2024 at 5:52 am

    Hi there! I absolutely LOVE your wreath but I’m having trouble figuring out how you secure the loops on the frame? Could you please add another video or a few photos showing this step in detail?

    • Katy on February 12, 2024 at 4:52 pm

      I’m so glad you like it! Great question! Until I can get some more visuals added— I actually don’t secure the loops. I let the wire of the ribbon and density of the loops hold them in place. If your first loops aren’t staying put you could twist it around the frame, letting the wire of the ribbon hold it in place. You can also twist loops on the front side of your wreath around each other.
      You’ll have so much fun creating your own wreath and I’m sure it will look gorgeous! 💕

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