Top 6 Skincare Channels on YouTube

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I’m so excited for you to start your skincare journey and these top skincare channels on YouTube are sure to help you get started.

At the beginning of 2020 I decided to start learning more about skincare. My skin got so dry that winter and I thought to myself, there has to be more I can do than just slapping on more moisturizer

I found a video on YouTube where they were recommending products for dry skin.

From that video I ordered a new moisturizer to try. During the checkout process Target recommended a hydrating toner.


I thought toners were astringent. Now they can by hydrating?

*added to cart*

The moisturizer was not nearly hydrating enough. My skin felt tight within 30 seconds after applying, so I went back to my trusted Cerave

What about the random toner?

It actually helped! For the first winter in several years my skin was more hydrated instead of dry and flakey. 

The random toner –

This photo shows the toner I got. I couldn’t find a link for purchasing it, so it may not be available for purchase currently.


On top of winter weather, going through fertility treatments and all the hormonal changes that come with the medications has had my skin go from freaking out at times to clear and glowing #goals other times. 

Like everything else, it’s been a rollercoaster.

But I was on to something. 

I began checking out other skincare channels to learn more and today I’m sharing my favorites with you. 

Below you’ll find a list of the best YouTube channels to check out if you’re wanting to learn about skincare and find out what products you should be using for your skin type. 

I am so appreciative to the creators on these channels as they’ve helped me to get a better understanding of what kinds of products to use, when to use them and how to layer them for the best results. 

They will have you going from rough scrubs and harsh toners to effective chemical exfoliants and hydrating essences.

1. Mixed Makeup

Susan Yara is amazing. She is so classy and knowledgeable. With over 20 years in the industry she has lots of experience and her expertise is clear as she speaks about different skincare products and ingredients. 

Her videos include B-roll as she applies the products to her hand to show you what they look like and how well they absorb. 

Susan’s channel includes informational skincare videos about products and treatments, skincare reactions, routines for specific skincare concerns, and even chats with dermatologists. 

Mixed Makeup’s Website

Mixed Makeup’s Channel


2. Hyram

Hyram is adorable. He has such a fun outgoing personality and sense of humor that shines through in his videos. He’s very knowledgeable and has a background as a skincare specialist. I love his reaction videos and he makes great product recommendations to tweak those routines. He also shares when a company is committed to sustainability and environmentally friendly products like reef-safe sunscreen. 

Hyram’s channel includes skincare basics, product reviews, and skincare reactions.

Hyram’s Channel

3. James Welsh

James is from London and has a delightful accent that pairs well with his calm voice. It’s so soothing, I kinda want him to narrate audio books or at least record a sleep meditation. His twin, Robert Welsh, is a makeup artist and he joins James for some videos and they’ve actually started a joint channel as well. 

His channel includes product reviews, skincare reactions, how tos, and reviews of influencer and TikTok trends.

James’ Channel

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4. Lab Muffin Beauty Science

This channel is by Michelle Wong, who has a PhD in Chemistry and she brings that background to her videos to explain the science behind beauty products. These videos cover skincare products, sunscreen, makeup and hair products. This channel is great if you want to understand the science behind a variety of beauty products.

Her channel includes reviews, skincare science, cosmetic chemistry and informational videos. 

Lab Muffin’s Website

Lab Muffin’s Channel

5. Beauty Within

This channel is hosted by Felicia and Rowena who are both skincare enthusiasts. The nice thing about their channel is that they have different skin types. When they try products they are able to give different perspectives on how well a product is for their specific skin type. 

Their channel covers skincare beginner’s guides, product reviews, routines for specific skin type and skin concerns and recipes to support your skin.

Beauty Within’s Website

Beauty Within’s Channel

6. Liah Yoo

Liah is a content creator and also the founder and CEO of Krave Beauty. She focuses on simplifying skincare by paying attention to your skin’s needs. Her channel isn’t just about her own products, though she does provide reviews of each product and behind the scenes of how her products are made. 

Liah’s videos include reviews, Acne tips, skincare basics, product review, makeup tutorials and lifestyle vlogs. 

Liah’s Website

Liah’s Channel

Krave Beauty

New Year, New Skin

So there you have it – my top 6 skincare channels on YouTube. I haven’t watched all of the videos on these channels because – time. But these are the ones that I regularly come back to and look at when I’m trying to fix a specific issue like dryness or redness.

I’ve learned so much this past year about my own skin and have been lucky to find some great products to incorporate in my routine.

I’d love to know if you watch any of these channels already or if you have another great one for me to check out – just drop a comment below 👇 in the comment section.

See you next time!

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    Greatly appreciate this! I tend to use regular bar soaps and forget to moisturize a lot! Plus, I wasn’t into skincare until now. And so far some of the products I own doesn’t benefit me! Thank you for sharing this! Time to watch all these recommended youtubers!!!!

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