Essentials for Senior Dogs

These essentials for senior dogs are the things that we’ve found helpful with our beagle, Reese, now that he’s almost 15. With his age have come new challenges that we’re learning to manage. He’s had more trouble eating and taking pills, has started leaking in his sleep, and is sometimes unable to make it outside…

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Dresser Flip with Chalk Paint

For this dresser flip, I decided to use Rustoleum’s chalk paint. I like that chalk paint doesn’t require much prep and it’s low odor. Overall it’s a really easy medium to use that gives nice coverage with minimal effort. I didn’t have to take this big dresser outside, which also saved on time and effort.…

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5 Skincare Tips & Hacks to Try Today

Skincare products laying on marble surface.

The world of skincare has expanded so much in the past few years. It can be overwhelming when you dive into the content and start learning about all the products available. These 5 skincare tips are easy to implement and can help you to achieve beautiful, glowing skin while saving money. These skincare tips can…

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Best Wavy to Curly Hair Products

I’m so excited to share these awesome wavy to curly hair products with you today! Being a curly girl can be tricky until you figure out how to take care of your beautiful locks and learn the products that work best for you. A couple years ago I discovered the curly community on Instagram and…

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Hello Fresh Meal Kit Review

Hello Fresh Meal Kit Review | Unopened box sitting on floor.

I’m so excited to share this Hello Fresh review with you. I’ve tried to include all the info about our experience so that you know what to expect and can decide if Hello Fresh is the right meal delivery service for you. A few weeks ago, hubby and I decided to give Hello Fresh a…

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How to Slow Your Dog’s Eating

How to Slow Your Dog's Eating | Dog kibble in bowl and scattered around it.

When you have a fast eater, it can be important to slow your dog’s eating. Pups that eat too fast can risk choking and bloat (a serious medical condition in dogs). If your precious pup inhales food then you are in good company. This is B.B. She loooves food. She snarfs it down as fast…

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15 At Home Date Night Ideas

Since we can’t actually go out with the quarantine in place having date night in is essential. That’s why I compiled this list of at home date night ideas. You can still take time for fun in your relationship and it’s a great way to break up the monotony of the week. Whether you have…

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