Sunscreen Comparison: Biossance vs. Versed

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These are both fairly new discoveries for me. Like 4 months ago. 

You see, I didn’t know that you could get an actual facial sunscreen that wasn’t full of that artificial coconut smell and made you look like a ghost. I was only familiar with the types of sunscreens I grab for a day at the pool or beach or if I’m going to be outside doing yard work.

Thick, smelly, SPF 50 or higher. 

How then, I wondered, are people using sunscreen every day without having major breakouts, greasy faces and looking two shades paler?

With just a smidge of research I learned that many skincare companies offer nice, good quality sunscreens that not only block harmful UV rays, but also offer skincare benefits! 

Sunscreen comparison. Tube of each product compared.

These sunscreens are intended to be part of your daily morning skincare routine and the formulations are heavenly compared to what I knew.

Today we’re going to be talking about the two that I have tried so far:

Biossance Squalane + Zinc Sheer Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 and 


This post is not sponsored, I purchased both of these products to try. The opinions in this post are mine only based on my personal experience. Full disclosure available here.

For reference, my skin type is combo, leaning toward dry especially in winter.

sunscreen comparison. Product sample of both sunscreens.

Biossance vs. Versed Sunscreen

Let’s start with the similarities.

Both products are mineral or physical sunscreens that use non-nano Zinc Oxide. 

Not only does Zinc Oxide block UV light, it also protects the skin from blue light or high-energy visible light (encountered regularly from electronic screens and LED lights). This is a bonus if you are working in front of a computer all day.

CNN even had an article about the damage blue light can have on your skin. Yet another reason to make sunscreen part of your skincare routine.

Both products are vegan, cruelty free, reef-safe, paraben free and non-toxic.


Tube and box of biossance squalane sunscreen.

Quick Details:

The texture is light, more like a serum.

SPF 30.

Leaves no white cast.

Comes in a 1.7oz tube.

Non-nano Zinc Oxide 14%

Ingredient Highlights:

Biossance uses squalane in many of the company’s products.

Squalane is an amazing moisturizer and is non comedogenic so it won’t clog your pores. It has anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe the skin.

Biossance uses plant based squalane (not shark-derived squalane) and their squalane is derived from sugar cane.

This formula uses both Squalane and Glycerin (4th & 5th on the ingredient list) both add hydration. Since they are fairly high up on the ingredient list, we know there’s a good amount of both.

This sunscreen also includes Water Lily (Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract) which contains antioxidants that help protect the skin from free radicals.

Is EWG verified. This means it doesn’t contain any ingredients deemed unacceptable by EWG, they are fully transparent about the ingredients in their product and follow good manufacturing procedures.


I really like that the Biossance sunscreen is fragrance free. I didn’t notice more than a very light and neutral scent from this product.

Experience Using:

The product is white but blends in really quickly and nicely to leave a light weight, sheer finish. 


Order online at the Biossance website. Currently cannot be shipped outside of the United States.


Box and tube of versed sunscreen guards up.

Quick Details:

Slightly thicker texture, like a moisturizer.

SPF 35

Tinted. No white cast. No coverage like makeup. Blends in sheer.

Comes in a 1.7 oz tube

Contains Non-nano Zinc Oxide 15.2%

Ingredient Highlights:

In addition to the Zinc Oxide the two ingredients highlighted for Guards Up are Sea Fennel Extract and Moringa Seed Extract.

SEA FENNEL EXTRACT (crithmum maritimum extract)  is said to contain antioxidant and soothing properties. 

MORINGA SEED EXTRACT (moringa oleifera seed extract) also provides antioxidants to protect the skin from free radicals.

Has a good score from EWG, meaning the ingredients were determined to be low hazard.


Doesn’t contain additional fragrance, according to the Target website, but I do notice a scent. It’s not bad, but it is there and noticeable. 

Experience Using:

This product is tinted, but blends in sheer and doesn’t leave a white cast. It blends in easily without having to rub it in too much.

Even though it might look like it, Guards Up doesn’t provide any coverage like you would get from a foundation or concealer. Instead the tint seems to just help prevent a white cast (which is awesome, unless you really want to rock the ghost look).

(Check out this video to see it used on darker skin tones.)


Can be picked up in-store at Target or order online at the Versed website or Target website. Shipping directly from Versed is currently available for the United States and Puerto Rico.

sunscreen comparison. Product sample of both sunscreens.

Which Sunscreen Should You Try? 

The biggest differences for me were in texture and scent. The Biossance has a lighter feel and the Versed is a little thicker. Both were marked online as having no added fragrance, but the scent of the Versed sunscreen is more noticeable than the Biossance sunscreen. 

My personal preference between the two would be the Biossance. It feels a little more hydrating and I prefer the lighter texture & less scent. 

I do really like that the Versed is available at a lower price point and available at Target, so it’s  more affordable and accessible. 

Overall, I really like both of these sunscreen options. Both provided a pleasant experience and provided sheer sun protection. I would absolutely recommend both products and would not hesitate to buy either again.

Do you have a favorite sunscreen that I should add to my list to try? Leave a comment below with your recommendation.


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