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Last year I started listening to a fun manifesting music playlist when I went on walks around our neighborhood. Think a hot girl walk amplified with positive vibes ✨.

I noticed that it helped me to maintain a more positive outlook despite some really tough things that happened.

I like listening to podcasts too, but when everyone is out doing yardwork it’s easier to listen to music than just someone speaking.

Listen to this playlist when working out, doing chores, or while driving in the car.

For this manifesting playlist, I looked for songs that evoke feelings of being worthy, having what you want, and living your best life now.

The Manifesting Music Playlist

The following songs are on my Manifesting Music Playlist. I’ll have them each listed individually or you can jump to the full playlist here.

Energy (Lucky Me) by Morgan St. Jean

just like magic by Ariana Grande

You’re Manifesting (The Manifesting Song) by Inspire3

Pretty Girl Magic by Moonlight Scorpio

Believe by Fearless Soul

successful by Ariana Grande

Worth It by Fifth Harmony · Kid Ink

FLAWLESS by Tyla Jane

Throat Chakra by Peachkka

Healing Is Not My Purpose by Toni Jones

What Wants Me by Moonlight Scorpio

Belief (Affirmations for Confidence) by Zii

Magnetize by Maijah

lucky girl syndrome by Samantha Leah

GORGEOUS by Olivia Knox

Badass Woman by Meghan Trainor

7 rings by Ariana Grande

I Choose Me by Samantha Leah

ALWAYS by Forrest Frank

Manifesting Magic by Samantha Leah

Here’s the full Music for Manifesting Playlist!

What songs would you add?

What do you think of this manifesting music playlist? Are there any songs you think we should add? Let us know in the comments.

I’ve also created a music playlist for manifesting pregnancy that you can check out here.

Are there any other topics for manifesting that you’ve created a playlist for? Using music can be such a powerful resource for aligning your thoughts and feelings with the life that you desire.

The more aligned you are, the more likely you are to take the inspired actions to bring your desires into reality. I’ve also found that using a simple planner helps me to stay on track with the actions that I need to take.

I hope this playlist keeps you aligned and inspired!


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