How to Keep Curls Overnight

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If you’re here you’re wondering how to keep your curls intact overnight. You’ve probably already woken up at some point with a wild, frizzy mane. And you’re told not to wash your curls every day since that can be too harsh and drying. That’s great advice and all, but how do you protect your curls at night?

Here are 4 easy ways that you can use to keep your curls intact, bouncy, and luscious.

1. Use a Silk or Satin Pillowcase to Keep Curls Overnight

The long threads of silk provide a smooth fabric. This reduces friction and therefore minimizes frizz. It’s great if you toss and turn like I do to keep your curls intact.

Silk is also less porous than cotton, which will absorb a bit of your hair’s hydration. Sleeping on silk leaves your hair more hydrated than a cotton pillowcase. Curls are already prone to dryness, so any way to maintain hydration is essential in my book. More hydration means less breakage too!

In addition to the hair benefits, sleeping on silk has great skincare benefits too!

The silk fabric can help to improve the look of your skin. Because of the smoother fabric, you’re less likely to get sleep lines, and like your hair it allows your skin to stay more hydrated. The smooth texture is also soothing for those with sensitive skin, or skin that gets irritated easily.

I’ve found some nice satin pillowcase options at TJ Maxx with a fold closure. My favorite satin pillowcase is by Kitch. It’s the softest one I have (softer than my mulberry silk pillowcase) and has a zipper closure so you can use both sides of your pillow.

In addition to their solid color options, they have some adorable design options for Barbie, Harry Potter, Bridgerton, and Disney Princesses.

2. Put Your Hair Up In a Pineapple

No actual pineapple is necessary- though it could be a fun TikTok challenge! A hair pineapple is a very loose bun on top of your head.

Bring all of your curls up and pull a silk or satin scrunchie (I like these) around the base. Twist the scrunchie and loop your hair back through halfway. Your hair should not be pulled tight. It should be very loose.

The pineapple keeps your hair positioned on top of your head so that your gorgeous curls don’t get flattened by sleeping on them.

It will also reduce the amount of hair in contact with your pillow again reducing frizz, flattening, and breakage.

I find that putting my hair in a pineapple also gives my roots some nice lift so that I have extra volume the next day.

When I remember to I’ll use a little leave-in conditioner or oil before putting my hair up. When I’m getting ready in the morning I’ll let my hair out and give it some time to settle, before applying a little oil to my ends and styling.

3. Tie Your Hair Up in a Silk Scarf

Another way to preserve your curls overnight is to use a silk scarf that you tie around your hair to reduce movement while you sleep.

Add any leave-in products you want. I’ll scrunch in a hydrating mist or light oil on my ends.

Fold your scarf in half across the diagonal.

Flip your hair forward and put the center of the folded edge at the nape of your neck.

Bring the ends forward and tie them at your forehead.

Bring the ends around to the back of your head and tie. You may want to double-knot here so it stays tied all night.

Shift your head upright and tuck your hair in.

Bring the corner of the scarf forward and tuck it under the front knot. Loop it a couple times to keep in place.

This method hasn’t worked as well for me. I might need a bigger scarf since my hair is fairly long and thick. I also flip a lot at night and the scarf comes off in the middle of the night.

I do like to use my scarf when getting dressed. Just drape it over your head to cover your hair and face then pull on your top. This protects your curls and prevents makeup transfer!

4. How to Keep Curls Overnight? Use a Bonnet or Buff

This option is similar to the silk scarf method for protecting curls at night. But, you don’t have the added effort of folding and tying the scarf.

Simply prep your hair as desired then put on your bonnet. Some of them have ties to secure them in place and some have elastic or stretchy material on the edge to keep them secured.

You can even do a pineapple then put your bonnet on. Try out different ways to see what works best for you and your curls.

I’ve had mixed success with this option. The bonnet I have is likely too small and I can only use it right after a haircut before my hair gets too long again.

Several small businesses sell beautiful bonnets (I might be eyeing a few to try). Many are women and minority-owned. These ladies have curls themselves, so they know what’s up. CC Mink Hair has some cute options. In addition to bonnets, they have silk-lined beanies and hoodies.

Let me know in the comments of any others you like so I can add them.

If Amazon is more accessible to you, here are some options available there:

This one looks like a nice option, and they also have a large size option.

I have an older version of this sleep cap, but this new one has an adjustable strap.

How will you protect your curls while sleeping?

My go-to’s for overnight curl protection are using silk and satin pillowcases and putting my hair up in a pineapple. I move a lot, so scarves and bonnets just don’t stay put. They do give fantastic results for other women though.

Occasionally I’ll do a loose braid, but that’s when I’m planning a next-day wash.

Let me know in the comments your favorite how to keep curls overnight method. Or if you have another one that we should try.

If you’re looking for some curly hair products to try, check out this post next. It’s got some of my favorite curly hair finds.

Have a great day!

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