Green Pan Review: Padova Reserve Blush Pink

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For this Green Pan review, we’re going to be taking a looksie at the Padova Reserve collection in blush pink.

Just one look and you can see that the Greenpan Padova cookware set in pink is a beautiful, aesthetic collection. The blush pink pots and pans with gold-tone handles are the epitome of many millennial women’s kitchen goals. 

They look amazing- easily adding glam elegance to your kitchen, but how do they hold up to everyday cooking?

So many of us have made an effort to cook at home more for many reasons- the pandemic, to eat healthier, and to save money, just to name a few. 

Our old non-stick pans had the coating scraping off, and that’s really not something I want to have mixed in with food. Yuck.

I had added both the Green Life cookware set and the GreenPan Padova Reserve Collection to my Amazon wishlist, hoping to receive one, and ended up receiving both as Christmas gifts. Whoopsie! But, good news for you- I’ve shared my first impressions of the Green Life set here.

Ultimately we decided to keep the GreenPan Padova set and returned the GreenLife set

Since I’ve now had a few months to use these beautiful GreenPan pans I wanted to provide a review in case you need new pans or have been looking at this set. 

By the way, this post is not sponsored. Just a regular ‘ol opinion on this set.

Greenpan Padova Reserve collection, 10 piece set in blush. Pans on table.

The Basics:

The GreenPan Padova Reserve Collection is a 10 piece set that includes two frying pans (8- and 10-inches), two saucepans (2- and 3-quarts), one 3.3 quarts saute pan, and one five-quart stockpot. Matching lids come with all except for the frying pans. 

For us, this is a nice variety of sizes and the large saucepan has been the one we’ve used most. I’ve easily been able to cook meals with 4-person portions with this set.

I chose the blush pink set with gold-tone handles, but there are actually 7 color options: Black, Julep, Merlot, Sunrise Yellow, Taupe, and Twilight Blue.

The handles are made from stainless steel, so they are oven-safe. This is great if you’re cooking a dish that needs to finish up in the oven or if you need to melt cheese on top. 

The pans are oven and broiler safe up to 600℉, but the tempered glass lids are only oven safe up to 425℉.

The interior of these pans is a ceramic nonstick coating which is supposed to be healthier and it won’t release toxic fumes. It’s free from PFAs, PFOA, lead, and cadmium.

Each pan had a sticker that said to handwash, and I’ve actually heard that in general your pans will last longer (especially non-stick) if you handwash them.

It doesn’t take long since the nonstick coating does a really nice job of releasing food. 

Plus, it saves some room in the dishwasher so I don’t have to run as many loads. Hubby would prefer to just put them in the dishwasher

The box says that they are metal utensil safe, but I’ve noticed some scratches from where we’ve used metal a few times. So I would suggest sticking with less abrasive utensils like wood, nylon, or silicone.

Hubby has grumbled about not using a fork to fluff rice. A pasta spoon or a silicone or nylon fork are great options for rice fluffing.

This set is said to work for all stovetops except for induction. We have an electric stovetop and it works well with these pans. 

Because no Green Pan review would be complete without this nifty tidbit, and in case it matters to you, for Christmas 2021 this set was included as one of Oprah’s favorite things on Amazon. 

Greenpan Padova Reserve collection, 10 piece set in blush. Close up of pot with lid and text overlay that says, "Green Pan Review Padova Reserve."

What I like:

One of my favorite parts about this set is the aesthetic. These pans are beautiful, classy, and elegant. I love the color combo of the blush pink with the gold handles

In Atomic Habits, he talks about making habits appealing, and for me, it’s appealing to cook at home using beautiful cookware. It makes cooking more of an experience, rather than a chore. 

I like that the handles are a good length and they’re solid. These are way more comfortable than the handles on previous pans.

I like the sizes of the pans in this set. They have enough space to cook meals for 4-6 people, depending on the dish. (The Greenlife set I considered had smaller pan sizes that were not practical for us.)

The non-stick has been delightful- it makes cooking and cleaning up a breeze. 

These pans aren’t too heavy. With our cast iron I need to use both hands to move the pan (unless it’s empty!) and these I can move easily even while cooking. 

That’s not to say that they feel flimsy. They are solid and feel really sturdy but they are very functional.

I like that they are oven-safe. I don’t cook many recipes that require a pan to go from burner to oven, but I do have a couple and it’s nice to have that option. 

The lids are tempered glass, so you can keep an eye on a recipe, even with the lid on.

Greenpan Padova Reserve collection, 10 piece set in blush. close up of handles.

What I don’t like:

I’ve already noticed some chips and dents along the rim of the exterior color.

The handles do get hot close to the pan. This happens with most oven-safe metal handles that I’ve used. It’s not a huge deal for me- I just use an oven mitt if needed, but I did want to mention it. 

The instruction booklet says to use the pans on low to medium heat settings. And to boil water on medium heat, but that hasn’t worked for our stove. 

In general, trying to use lower heat settings is tricky as hubs tends to start pans on medium-high or high then lowers the heat. 

Sometimes I need to be able to use a lid on a frying pan, and none of the lids fit the large frying pan.

We’ve used the large frying pan the most out of all the pans in this set. I have noticed some scratches and wear on the inside of the pan and a decrease in the non-stick-ability. 

There was also an incident with some General Tso’s chicken. It got a bit burnt and that’s left a light stain. 

When you wash them you need to make sure to wash the bottoms of the pans too. Even then they can stain fairly easily. I suspect this wouldn’t be as noticeable with one of the darker colored pan sets. 

Green Pan Review: Final Thoughts

Overall I’m really enjoying using this set. It meets most of the criteria I was looking for in a new pan set. 

Our previous one was stainless steel, and we had to use so much oil or butter to prevent food from sticking that it ruined the flavor. Oily scrambled eggs do not taste good.

The handles are much better- more comfortable and easier to use. 

Our cast iron pan is still my favorite, but these are easier for me to move and use. 

Let me know in the comments below- what qualities are you looking for in a pan set? If you enjoyed this Green Pan review, are there any other kitchen gadgets you’d like me to review? Let me know in the comments below.

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