Gift Ideas for Really Tall Guys

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If you’ve got a tall guy in your life then you know it can be really difficult to find gifts for them. These gift ideas for really tall guys will give you some unique ideas that they’ll certainly appreciate.

My husband, Josh, is 7 feet tall and while it has gotten a bit easier to find clothing and other items for him, it’s still challenging. 

Even when I search online for his exact clothing sizes the options are minimal. Sometimes the options that show up aren’t actually available in his size.

I keep a running list of gift ideas so that whenever I need something I can find it easily. For Christmas, but also his birthday, Valentine’s day, our anniversary, and sometimes just because. 

So I sat down with Josh and he helped me come up with this list of gift ideas for super tall guys.

It includes some of his favorite gifts he’s received, things that he often needs, and items that improve tall guy quality of life.

Gift Ideas for Tall Guys:

-Big Recliner

When we got Josh’s recliner we went to almost every store around before finding one that was large enough. It’s called the Beast. In our area they have it at Furniture Fair.

We wanted one that had a tall enough back and this is the only one we could find at the time.

My father-in-law has one now too and also loves it. I think he’s around 6’4″.

This recliner is definitely tall guy approved!

-XL Camping Chair

Having a chair that he can comfortably sit in at picnics, family gatherings, and sporting events is important. 

Josh brought his chair up by our bed after my endo excision surgery so that he could sit near me and make sure I ate. (Though actually one of our cats ended up using it more.)

-Tall Guy Hangers

Expands to 27.2″.

Expands to 23″.

Have you ever noticed how regular hangers can struggle to hold larger clothing items? 

Either the clothes slide off with the slightest movement, or they leave weird bumps on shirt shoulders.

These options are shaped to prevent that.

The first one provides a gentle slope. The second two are expandable to accommodate broader shoulders.

-Golf Clubs

Golfing can be tricky since golf clubs are usually too short. Most places don’t keep extra tall options in stock- if they’re even available.

Golf Galaxy offers club fitting and has a selection of customizable clubs. For the custom clubs you can add up to 2 inches to the length.

If you’re browsing online, it looks like tall means and inch is added to the club length. This is for men up to 6’5”.

While extra tall adds up to 2 inches for people up to 6’9”.

This is just an average of what I’ve found, some brands are different.

 I have yet to find an extra extra tall option (but will absolutely add it here if I do!)

If you don’t know what size and the clubs he’d like, then wrapping a pack of golf balls and taking him to a fitting is a great gift option.

I was able to find a few sets on Amazon available in extra tall length (+2 inches). I’ll link those below.

The height and club length recommendations for this set are:

MENS REGULAR: For HEIGHTS of 5’6″ to 6’2″

MEN’S TALL: For HEIGHTS of 6’1″ to 6’5″

EXTRA TALL: For HEIGHTS of 6’4″ to 6’8″

The height and club length recommendations for this set are:

REGULAR: For HEIGHTS of 5′ 6” to 6′ 0”

PLUS (+1 INCH): For HEIGHTS of 5′ 11” to 6′ 4”

TALL (+1.5 INCH): For HEIGHTS of 6′ 3” to 6′ 6”

X-TALL (+2.0 INCH): For HEIGHTS of 6′ 5” to 6′ 9”


A few years ago I got Josh a robe. It seems simple, but when I got it there weren’t many options. I wanted to find him a robe that would fit, but also wouldn’t be too thick and heavy. 

Most retailers carry robes that just aren’t long enough.

This one is similar to the robe I found for Josh.

King Size Cotton Jersey Robe

There are 11 color options and the sizing goes up to 9XLT. The material is like a comfy T-shirt.

-Bath Sheets

The extra width and length of bath sheets make these a bathroom essential. 

If he’s never had a bath sheet, move this one to the top of your list. He will appreciate it so much.


This ratchet belt has lasted way longer for Josh than any traditional belt with the holes in the leather. It has 3 length options: 28”-44”, 38”-54”, and 48”-64” waist. 

With 34 color options you can easily find a belt to match his style. 

-Extra Tall Shelves

Gift Ideas for Tall Guys: Photo of extra tall billy bookcases. Doorway next to shelves shows height of extra shelf extender.
Gift Ideas for Tall Guys: Closer photo of extra tall billy bookcases.

When we redecorated our living room we bought several Billy Bookcases from Ikea. Along with being affordable shelves, you can get extra shelving to add on top.

Josh was excited that we could add the extra shelving, since he rarely has shelves at his height. They’re usually below his line of sight.

Now fyi, they were sold out when we made the journey to Ikea, but I signed up for alerts for restocks. When they got more in I got a text alert and was able to order them online.

I had them deliver to our house, but you can pay a little extra to have them bring the boxes to the room where you want. It’s a nice option if you’ve got lots of stairs!

Only one piece was damaged that we needed to exchange and it was one of the shelf extenders.

-A Tailored Suit

At DXL they’ll custom fit a suit. Most men need at least one great, well-fitted suit. 

And he’ll be thrilled to have one that he just has to make work. 

If he has a tailor already then you can gift him a suit and set up a tailoring appointment that way you know it’ll fit well.

Workout Equipment: Gifts for Tall Guys

Really tall guys don’t often fit basic workout machines. Even at the gym, it’s a struggle. I’m thinking professional sport teams must invest in some hefty equipment with extended ranges.

Fortunately there’s more basic equipment that he can use that won’t take up a ton of space.

These next few gift ideas for tall guys will give him a compact home gym experience.

-Free Weights:

This steel set can be adjusted up to 44 pounds and includes a connecting rod to convert the dumbbells into a barbell. It comes with a storage box and looks to be pretty compact. A great option for beginners or those without much space.

-High Quality Resistance Bands:

Most resistance bands seem rather flimsy and likely to break. These bands are layered, giving them extra strength and durability. They also have incredibly high ratings with over 5,000 reviews. 

-Extra Long Yoga Mat:

This yoga mat is a whopping 84 inches (7 feet) long and 32 inches wide. Most of the longer mats are only 72 inches. 

-Oculus Headset

This game device automatically adjusts to different heights. And it’s wireless, so you don’t have to worry about needing extra long cords for him to be able to move around.

-Big Blanket

Have you ever tried cuddling with your guy and a regular throw blanket just doesn’t cut it? Or he goes to take a nap on the couch and has to decide if his feet or shoulders will be left uncovered? 

Big Blanket Co makes blankets that are a whopping 10 feet x 10 feet! 

They are super stretchy, machine washable and fold up nicely.

The best part? We have one of the original stretch ones, and I’ve noticed that pet fur doesn’t get stuck, needled into the blanket fibers. 

-Flight Upgrade

If he’s traveling for the holidays you can be sure he’d appreciate an upgrade to a seat with more leg room. First, you’ll want to know his preferred airline.

Then you can get him a gift card to use on his next trip. Many airlines offer them(who knew?!) including Delta, American Airlines, and Southwest.

-Rental Car Upgrade

A similar idea to the flight upgrade, there are some cars that Josh can’t drive due to lack of leg room. 

-Chiropractor Appointment

It’s especially important for tall people to take care of their backs since they spend more time bending down really far. 

A good chiropractor may be able to help give him some relief.

-Gift Cards

Always a good option, gift cards to his favorite stores allow him to purchase what he wants and needs. And with a gift card you don’t have to worry about a gift not fitting.

In the next two sections of this post I’ve included suggestions of stores for clothing and shoes that offer tall sizing.


Clothing for tall guys is getting easier to find, but still tricky and often pricier. 

Sometimes people assume that just getting a size larger is good enough, but going up a size doesn’t add enough length for really tall guys. 

At the following list of stores you can find clothing available in tall sizes:





-Ralph Lauren

-Gap (MT up to 3XLT)

-Banana Republic (MT to 2XLT)






Finding a good pair of shoes is always a win. And it’s extremely difficult to find ones in store for Josh to try on. 

Online shopping helps, especially with stores that have an easy return or exchange process.

Here are some stores where you can find shoes in large sizes and wide width options:

DXL (Up to size 18)

King Size (Up to Size 18)

Shoes for All (Up to size 18)

Macy’s (Up to size 18)

Dillards (Up to size 18)

Happy Gifting!

I hope this list of gift ideas for tall guys was able to give you some great ideas for your man. When you have some ideas it’s easier to keep and eye out for good sales. 

Let me know in the comments which gift ideas your tall guy will enjoy the most and if you have any additional items we should add to this list. 

If you’d like more gift ideas, check out this post next with husband gift ideas, or for experience-type gift ideas this post with 13 ideas for celebrating your guy.

What other gift ideas would you find helpful? Let me know in the comments below.


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