Essentials for Senior Dogs

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These essentials for senior dogs are the things that we’ve found helpful with our beagle, Reese, now that he’s almost 15. With his age have come new challenges that we’re learning to manage.

He’s had more trouble eating and taking pills, has started leaking in his sleep, and is sometimes unable to make it outside for potty time.

A couple of weeks ago I was at wit’s end after spending most of my time cleaning up after him. These products have made things far more manageable and I’m no longer in tears trying to clean up after him at 2 am after he had an accident on my feet.

1. Doggie Diapers

I got this 5 pack of washable belly band diapers and it’s been one of the best purchases ever.

Reese started having accidents in his sleep and on his way to the door. There were times he didn’t realize he was going and kept walking so there were trails of pee to clean up.

These diapers have eliminated so much cleaning time- thank goodness!

They attach with a thick velcro pad, have an absorbent core, and waterproof outer shell.

They stay on well but he occasionally gets them off when he’s rolling on his back and rubbing his face and ears on the ground.

Overall they’ve been one of the best finds and have eliminated so much time and effort cleaning up accidents all over the house.

They have 6 color combo options and 6 size options. Do measure and order according to the size chart. Reese’s waist is 20 inches so we ordered the large size for him and they fit perfectly.

I just ordered these disposable diapers for when we need extra backup diapers so I’ll update here once we’ve tried them. Even though their chart image shows beagle as size small I ordered size medium based on his actual waist measurement.

2. Waterproof & Absorbent Blankets

Reese loves to curl up on soft surfaces like his dog beds and our couch. As we’ve already gone over, he’s having more accidents. Instead of cleaning the couch every time he naps (all day, every day) I ordered a few waterproof blankets that absorb accidents.

We have them on his spot on the couch and up in our room on his doggie bed.

I got these before the diapers and they did help contain accidents.

This one has a furry side and a soft velvet side. It’s a good size at 50″ x 35″.

This blanket has a fleece side and a soft, fluffy sherpa side and it comes in 7 sizes and 10 color options.

3. Pee Pads

Hopefully, your dog will use these as intended- ours hasn’t.

Instead, I layer these training pads underneath the waterproof blankets on the couch and under his crate. This gives an extra layer of protection for our cushions too.

I also got this washable pee pad– originally for our bed, where he used to sleep. We’ve transitioned him to a doggie bed on the floor and covered that with this washable pee pad.

4. Stomp & Go Pads

These cleaning pads make pet mess clean-ups quick and easy.

You set the pad on the mess, stomp on it, let it sit for 30 minutes to 24 hours, and then dispose.

They remove a variety of stains besides pet messes too!

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5. Bona Mop & Pads

We got this mop after our other quick mop broke and really like it!

It has a large mop pad size, so clean-up takes less time. It uses washable mop pads so you don’t constantly have to buy disposable ones. They do offer disposable pads if you prefer that option as well.

We also like that the bottle of cleaning solution can be refilled.

6. Pill Pockets

It’s been difficult to get our doggo to take his medications. He’s figured out how to spit pills out if we add them to his food or in some cheese.

These moldable treats have made it much easier to give him medications.

It’s hard for him to eat the full-size treat and pill, so I split them in half. This makes it easier for him to eat and gives us double the amount of uses.

He’ll eat the chicken-flavored ones but prefers the peanut butter treats.

7. Pet Stairs

Reese has some arthritis so pet stairs help him get up to his spot on the couch.

We had some for our bed too, but have removed them to encourage him to sleep in his dog bed at night. Also, we don’t want him jumping off the bed, which is pretty high up.

It took us a day (if that) to teach him how to use the steps, so he picked up on using them quickly. We used a treat to guide him up a few times and that was it. Our kitties use the pet stairs occasionally as well.

8. Orthopedic Dog Bed

We have a variety of dog beds that we’ve gotten over the years. Most have been from TJ Maxx, but we’ve gotten some nice foam ones from Costco too.

Reese likes all the cushion and fluff, so I like to purchase dog beds in person that way I can feel how cushioned they are to see if he’ll like them.

Have you tried these essentials for senior dogs?

So those are all of our essentials for senior dogs. What else would you add? Are there any items that have been a game-changer for you?

If you have a dog that inhales their food, check out this post next for tips to slow your dog’s eating.

Caring for senior dogs means providing products for their well-being in addition to the love & affection we give them.

From comfy beds and cozy blankets to belly bands or diapers to keep them dry to medication treats to help our pups stay happy and healthy in their golden years, these essentials for senior dogs will allow you to enjoy this time with your dog.

Wishing you all the best!

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