Endometriosis Affirmations

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Use these endometriosis affirmations throughout the month to welcome in healing, ease and freedom from endo. 

Endometriosis can be a painful and debilitating condition. I know how exhausting it can be when it feels like your body is going to war with itself every month. But the more you focus and zero in on the pain the stronger it can feel until you don’t notice anything else. 

These affirmations can be used throughout the month but may be especially helpful when you have an endo flare up or during your period. 

Grab the free printable and keep it somewhere handy for when you need it, like by your bed or stored on your smartphone. When you feel pain focus on these positive, healing thoughts instead. Focus on how it feels when your body feels good, healthy and strong.

Endometriosis Affirmations:

1. My endometrium is healthy, normal and calm.

2. I am getting better and better everyday, in every way.

3. I release the condition in me that has manifested this pain with pure love and light.

4. My cells grow healthy and strong in the correct locations in my body only.

5. I release all scar tissue and adhesions with pure love & light.

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6. I release the energy in me that has manifested this condition and am able to truly enjoy being a woman.

7. My abdomen feels wonderful and free.

8. I am thankful and grateful for my perfect, healthy uterus.

9. I forgive myself for manifesting this pain. I release it now and welcome effortless, healthy cycles.

10. My cells grow only where they were originally designed to grow.

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11. I welcome effortless periods that are a pleasure to experience.

12. I forgive the mother energy in my ancestry.

13. My body feels good, healthy and strong.

14. I release any stagnation and inflammation in my body.

15. I crave and fuel my body with good, anti-inflammatory foods.

Affirmations for Endometriosis Pinnable image. White sweater and tan bow scrunchie on taupe fabric. Text overlay says, "My endometrium is healthy, normal and calm."

16. My endometrial cells grow only as the lining of my uterus.

17. I release any spots of endometriosis from my body. I send them away with pure love and light.

18. I am certain that my body is totally and completely healed.

19. My body is aligned with the energy of optimum health and wellness. 

20. I release all emotions from my subconscious that created this pattern in me and forgive myself completely. I am free.

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21. I nourish my body in ways that support my highest good.

22. My body knows how to heal itself and I instinctively take actions necessary for it to do so.

23. I release all pain during my periods. 

24. I am completely healed. 

Affirmations for Endometriosis pinterest image. Ocean tide on the beach with text overlay that says, "My cells grow healthy and strong in the correct locations in my body only."

25. All endo spots are released from my body with love and joy.

26. I feel happy and free as I welcome healing of my body.

27. My body feels good, free and relaxed.

28. I am healthy, whole and complete.

29. I am healthy.

30. I feel wonderful.

Have a Plan

By keeping this list handy you won’t have to worry when endo pain rears its ugly head and coherent thoughts are a struggle to come by. Instead you can focus on these healing thoughts, let your body relax and heal.

Let me know in the comments below – what has helped you the most with endo pain?

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