Embryo Transfer Affirmations

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These affirmations can be used leading up to, during, and after your embryo transfer.

Even though they were created with embryo transfer in mind, you might find some of them helpful for natural conception or an IUI as well as IVF and FET.

You’ll also notice that I’ve just used the singular ‘embryo’, but if you’re transferring two then you can swap in the plural ‘embryos’.

How to Use Affirmations:

I like to write out affirmations in my journal, but speaking them is also a powerful way to use them. 

Try picking one each day to repeat to yourself. Say it anytime you look in the mirror, take a sip of water, and when you take your medications or progesterone in oil (PIO) shots. 

There are many ways you can use these affirmations. Here are some ideas:

  • Write them out in a journal.
  • Say them throughout the day.
  • Think them to yourself throughout the day.
  • Meditate on one.
  • Say one every time you look in a mirror.

Use these affirmations as a tool to help you maintain a positive mindset leading up to your embryo transfer and during the two week wait.

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Embryo Transfer Affirmations

1. My embryo is transferred to the exact, perfect spot in my womb.

2. My embryo is perfectly poised for implantation.

3. I am so grateful and thankful that my embryo is strong and healthy.

4. My doctor is divinely guided to transfer the perfect embryo to the perfect spot in my womb.

5. I am certain that my lining is thick and receptive to my embryo.

6. My embryo transfer was so successful. 

7. I am at the right place at the right time.

8. My body completely accepts and supports my embryo.

9. My embryo is right where it belongs, growing in my womb.

10. I receive my embryo with complete love and joy.

Affirmation image that says, "My embryo is transferred to the exact, perfect spot in my womb.

11. My womb is completely receptive to my embryo.

12. I am so thankful for my successful transfer and viable pregnancy.

13. My body welcomes my embryo with pure love & light.

14. I am so thankful to have the perfect, ideal doctor performing my embryo transfer.

15. My body is filled with love for my embryo.

16. My body receives, nourishes, and grows my embryo.

17. I am celebrating my successful embryo transfer.

18. My embryo transfer happened perfectly.

19. This perfect embryo has implanted and is growing into the perfect baby.

20. My embryo is perfect, strong, and ready to be transferred.

Embryo transfer affirmation, "I am certain that my lining is thick and receptive to my embryo." On watercolor background.

My body knows exactly how to receive, grow, and nourish my embryo.

21. I had the most wonderful embryo transfer experience.

22. My embryo is vibrant and full of life.

23. My embryo is of the highest, premium quality.

24. This embryo has implanted securely in my womb and continues to grow.

25. My embryo is ready to implant in my womb and grow into the most amazing baby.

26. My embryo is healthy, strong, and ready to implant successfully.

27. This embryo is vibrantly healthy, with a strong life force.

28. My embryo sticks to the wall of my uterus like the sturdiest Velcro.

29. My uterine lining is thick and healthy, ready to receive my embryo.

30. I am so grateful and thankful for this healthy, viable pregnancy.

31. My lining has grown to the perfect thickness for successful implantation.

32. This embryo has embedded snugly into my uterine lining and is growing into a vibrant, healthy baby.

33. My embryo is of excellent quality and implants successfully.

34. I know that my embryo has implanted in the exact right spot.

35. My lining is the perfect first home for my baby.

Embryo transfer affirmation, "My doctor is divinely guided to transfer the perfect embryo to the perfect spot in my womb." Over watercolor splash background.

I am confident that my embryo knows exactly what to do to grow into my miracle baby.

36. My body nurtures and grows my amazing baby.

37. I am certain that my lining is receptive to my embryo.

38. My uterine lining is ideal for a successful transfer and implantation.

39. My embryo is in the right place at the right time.

40. I am so thankful that my embryo has implanted easily and securely in my womb.

41. My doctor easily transfers my embryo to the right spot where it implants successfully.

42. Of course my embryo easily implants and grows in my womb.

43. I am ready to receive my embryo now.

44. It is so easy for my embryo to implant in the perfect spot.

45. My embryo is drawn like a magnet to the perfect spot for implantation.

46. My body easily accepts my embryo.

47. I welcome my embryo home to my womb.

48. My uterine lining is lush and nourishing, perfect for my embryo.

49. I let my body relax completely as it receives my embryo with love and joy.

50. I love and support my embryo.

Additional Resources

I hope you find these affirmations helpful for you embryo transfer. That way you can go in feeling confident and knowing that success is yours.

I have compiled additional fertility resources here to help you on your journey. From PIO shot tips to implantation affirmations and many more.

The more you can stay focused on your success leading up to your embryo transfer and during the 2ww, the more you’ll be able to enjoy the experience.

Remember, at this point you’re pregnant until proven otherwise (PUPO).

How do you want to support your sweet baby?

Good Luck!

I’m sending you so much baby dust!

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