Dresser Flip with Chalk Paint

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For this dresser flip, I decided to use Rustoleum’s chalk paint. I like that chalk paint doesn’t require much prep and it’s low odor. Overall it’s a really easy medium to use that gives nice coverage with minimal effort.

I didn’t have to take this big dresser outside, which also saved on time and effort.

As you can see in the photos, half of the drawer pulls were missing and the cream paint was chipped and stained. It’s seen better days.

This paint update was long overdue and the difference is incredible.

I did this over three days, leaving plenty of time for the paint to dry between coats. It worked out well since I had other things to do and couldn’t commit the entire day to this project.

Sometimes we put off projects due to how much time they’ll take, forgetting that we don’t always have to do everything at one time. So this is your reminder that it’s ok to break projects into smaller bits and get them done more gradually.

Chalk Paint Dresser Flip Supplies:

You don’t need many supplies for this project.

  • Sandpaper or sanding block
  • 1 quart chalk paint– I used this Rustoleum Chalked ultra matte paint in Linen White. They offer 11 colors and 2 glazes.
  • 1 quart top coat– Rustoleum also has this matte clear topcoat which protects your paint and adds durability. Chalk paint is often covered with a wax topcoat, but that needs to be reapplied. For this dresser that’s going in my closet a once-over with a topcoat was a much better option.
  • paint brush – I had this 3-inch brush already, so that’s what I used. If you want actual chalk paint brushes, this set looks good.
  • screwdriver – I needed a Philips head, but check your drawer pulls to see if you need a flat head instead.
  • optional: new drawer pulls

Chalk Paint Dresser Update Directions:

Wipe down the entire dresser to remove any dust or dirt. Let dry.

Use sandpaper to sand down surfaces to be painted.

Wipe or vacuum off dust.

Use a paintbrush to apply an even coat of chalk paint. Let dry for 4 hours.

Apply a second even coat of chalk paint. Let dry for 4 hours or until completely dry.

If desired, use sandpaper to distress along edges and corners of the dresser and drawers.

Apply and even coat of top coat. Let dry completely.

Attach drawer pulls. I selected drawer pulls that matched the existing hole spacing.

If you choose ones with different spacing, you’ll need to fill the existing holes before you paint and drill new holes.

I found this pretty drawer liner and used it on the bottom of each drawer. It came in a long roll with the adhesive on the back. I measured it to size, then did my best to stick it on the bottom.

There were a few air bubbles, but nothing super noticeable. And for my first time using an adhesive drawer liner, I’m happy with the results.

Overall I think this dresser flip with chalk paint turned out really well!

I’m quite happy with the results:

There are a couple of stains on the top that I can still see, so a basecoat would’ve been a good idea. Especially if this was a furniture piece for a common area or flipping to sell.

You learn by doing things, and this was my first dresser flip.

It has been so nice having a fully functioning dresser again.

Even though I’m the only one who sees it every day (it lives in my walk-in closet) I’m so glad to have done this dresser flip with chalk paint.

The chalk paint was really easy to use and I love that it had a very low odor that didn’t irritate my sinuses.

If you love doing home projects, make sure that you stay hydrated and are drinking enough water.

Once you’re done moving furniture you’ll want to take some time to rest and relax. These essentials for the most relaxing bath will help you unwind after a busy day of painting.

Have you tried using chalk paint on furniture? What did you flip and how are you enjoying your results? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear about your experience.

Have a great day!

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