Amazon Kitchen Essentials: 15 Must-Haves for Home Kitchens

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I recently spent several full days in our kitchen prepping food to cater my husband’s short film shoot.  And I realized just how many Amazon kitchen essentials we have and use frequently.

These products have become staples in our home. They make life, cooking, or baking easier- and we could all use a little ease in our lives, right?

Whether you’re a professional chef or an amateur home cook, this list has something for you.

In the comments let me know which of these Amazon kitchen essentials is your favorite!

Amazon Kitchen Essentials:

1. Electric Kettle

We held out on this one for so long. Honestly, I didn’t think we’d even use this enough to make it worth the counter space it would take up.

I’ve gotta tell you- we use this electric kettle every. Single. Day. 

It heats water so fast that making tea or fauxfee (what we call coffee alternatives like Dandyblend) takes minimal time and effort. 

It’s been so good that when our coffee maker broke we ended up just getting a pour-over coffee pot for our morning brew.

Check it out here.

2. Coffee Maker

You’ve got several options here, because… coffee.

We now have one of these pour-over coffee makers

As much as I like the automatic ones or a Keurig, I like that this one takes up less space, you don’t have to go through hoops to clean it and you don’t have to spend a fortune on wasteful pods.

It does take a little patience as we need to pour the water over the grounds a few times, but it’s easily done between letting the dogs out and feeding all the fur babies.

It gives a moment to just be, and I like that ritual.

If you are super busy and like your coffee one cup at a time, my mom has a Nespresso. The pods I’ve tried are yummy and I like that they offer free recycling of their coffee pods.

Plus, you can get replacement seals so that you can reuse the pods. Remove the foil, replace the grounds, and put on a new foil.

3. Meat Thermometer

I have a tendency to overcook meats since I really don’t like them undercooked. 

This meat thermometer has helped me to cook with more confidence. I can see if meats are cooked to the correct internal temperature without cutting a piece to check the color and try to decide if it is fully cooked.

Check price on Amazon here.

4. Reusable Straws

I like using straws, especially with smoothies, or if I’ve put on a pretty lip color or gloss. (Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk is like the perfect neutral.)

These metal straws come with silicone tips, cleaning brushes, and a storage bag plus they’re dishwasher safe. I put them in the utensil holder with the silicone tip down so that they don’t fall through the openings.

You can get these stainless steel beauties in one of 5 colors including silver, gold, rose gold, black, and rainbow!

Check them out here.

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5. Silicone baking mats

I use these all the time. They’re great for lining baking sheets when baking cookies or cooking crispy cheesy chicken tenders. 

It all comes right off.

No soaking or scraping of the pan afterward.

Cutting down on time doing dishes? Yes, please!

And if you know someone who loves to bake, these make an excellent gift as well.

Check it out on Amazon.

6. Silicone Baking Cups

I’ve only used these for cupcakes once or twice, mostly I use them for meatloaf muffins and egg bites.

They do require a little more effort to clean than the baking sheets, but not nearly as much as a muffin tin.

I’ve had mixed results trying to clean them in the dishwasher. They tend to end up all over and half are totally clean while the other half… aren’t. It’s easier to use a sponge and clean them by hand really fast.

This set comes with 3 different shapes, round, square, and mini loaf, which is super if you want to use them to separate food in lunch containers.

I would also use the long ones to make mini banana bread loaves- how cute would those be?

*🤫 adds to cart while trying to figure out how to explain to hubby why we need more kitchen goodies*

Check them out here.

7. Dutch Oven

Amazon has enameled cast iron dutch ovens under their Amazon Basics brand. 

They are heavy-duty and of really nice quality.

They started off with a more limited color selection, but have expanded and have so many great options now to suit your style.

We’ve made chicken stock, potato soup, 5 cheese mac and cheese, and more with ours.

It’s oven safe up to 400° F but is handwash only.

The price is great, especially compared to luxury brand options.

Check current price on Amazon here.

8. Storage Bins

I love these clear storage bins. 

If I can’t see what’s in a bin it’ll just sit there until it goes bad and I eventually find it.

With these, I know what’s in each. So we end up wasting less food. 

Plus, being able to glance in the pantry while writing out my grocery list is way faster than having to look in a bunch of baskets.

The last thing a busy gal needs is to spend way too much time on a grocery list.

You can also get (or make) cute labels to help your family maintain your organization. 

Check the price on Amazon here.

9. Popcorn Maker

One of my all-time favorite snacks is popcorn. 

Sometimes I’ll even have it as a meal. This drives hubby a little bonkers.

But I have gotten really good at making it. This popcorn maker is partly why, so it had to be included on this list of Amazon kitchen essentials.

Another part is using white kernels (purple and blue are also great options).

I add about ½ Tbs oil, ½ cup of kernels, and 4 tbs (half a stick) of butter. Put the lid on and plug it in. Once the popping slows down and there are 1-2 seconds between pops, unplug, and flip it over so the popcorn is in the lid and it’s ready to season to your taste.

I sprinkle on pink sea salt and white cheddar flavoring.

A little black pepper and grated parmesan are really good too.

Check price on Amazon here.

10. Ninja Blender & Food Processor

This bundle comes with a regular blender, 2 blender cups, and a food processor with sharp blades and a dough blade so it’s very multi-functional.

I love being able to use the blender cups for a quick smoothie or even to mix up a protein shake. It gives a smoother texture than just a shaker cup- definitely give it a try.

The food processor is great for making sauces like this basil pesto.

Check price on Amazon here.

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11. Adjustable Sink Colander

I love using this colander for rinsing berries or washing veggies. It just makes it so much easier since it adjusts to fit the sink. I can let them drip dry while prepping other food or feeding our doggos.

Check price on Amazon here.

12. Frother

This milk frother adds a nice touch to my morning coffee. Frothing the milk or creamer gives it a little more of that coffee house feel. 

It’s a little thing, but a fun touch. 

It’s also great for whipping up a matcha latte or your favorite hot cocoa.

This one uses batteries, so you don’t need to worry about keeping track of yet another cord. We just replaced the battery in ours after a year of use.

It comes with a stand included and is available in 45 colors, so you can choose one that best fits your decor.

Check price on Amazon here.

13. Silverware

You’ve gotta eat with something, right? And while hands are perfect for many dishes- pizza, chicken nuggets, fries… silverware is essential for many others. 

Can you imagine trying to eat soup with your hands? Bleh.

We got this set as a wedding gift and it has held up really well. 

They’ll match many styles since they just have a simple swish design. They fit comfortably in the hand. They’re made of durable stainless steel and we’ve never had any issues with rusting.

The only issue has been a few that have taken a spin in our sink’s garbage disposal. Whoops! Luckily they sell 4-piece sets of spoons too! 

Check out the full set here.

14. A Great Knife Set

If you’ve watched Selena + Chef and immediately wanted her knife set even though you’ve already got a perfectly good set, here you go!

How stunning is this knife set?

I love the teal handles, but this set is also available with black handles. They have really good ratings and are dishwasher safe.

*I think I might need another kitchen! You can even get matching rainbow kitchen utensils and a grater!*

Check it out on Amazon here.

15. A Beautiful Set of Glasses

I had been wanting some new glasses for a while now but didn’t find any that I really liked until these.

They are beautiful pink glass and I love them even more in person.

They feel more solid than the assortment of beer glasses with random logos that we’ve been using for years. Like they have a bit more weight so my cat is less likely to knock them over (#catlife).

Josh was hesitant when I said I wanted grown-up glasses, but he’s come around and uses these all the time too.

Check out all the details here.

Which of these Amazon kitchen essentials is your favorite?

These Amazon kitchen essentials will make your life a bit easier and provide a joyful boost to your culinary skills.

These useful products will help you create delicious meals and yummy drinks, and make living more enjoyable. Whether you’re a busy professional or a home cook, these items will help you say goodbye to tedious tasks and hello to kitchen fun.

If you’re wondering how to relax after cooking your favorite dishes, check out this post next for some amazing bath essentials. (#5 is life-changing!)

Enjoy your next cooking adventure!

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