Affirmations for Early Pregnancy

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These affirmations for early pregnancy are great for the first trimester but can also be used in later pregnancy. You may be feeling excitement and joy or anxiety and fear, especially if you’ve had a lengthy fertility journey. Use these affirmations to help maintain your focus on the outcome you want.

You deserve this pregnancy. You deserve to have a wonderful, healthy experience.

The past is over. It doesn’t get a say in this experience you are now having. This is a new pregnancy.

How to Use Early Pregnancy Affirmations?

There are many ways to use affirmations, so try one way, try several, see which ways you like the best.

I like to repeat them to myself when I’m getting ready for the day and when I’m doing a workout. I also write them in my journal.

If I’m feeling more anxious then I like to combine stating affirmations with tapping, or EFT.

With tapping you tap gently on certain points on your body and face. Usually you focus on one pain point, feeling, or fear. When I do that, I like to finish with a round of tapping while saying affirmations.

Affirmations for Early Pregnancy:

My hCG levels are doubling every 48 hours.

My baby is growing perfectly, healthy, and strong.

I eat all the right foods to support my baby’s growth.

My body totally and completely supports my growing baby.

My baby is perfectly formed.

I am so grateful that my body is supporting me and my baby.

My hCG levels show how well my baby is growing.

My baby is thriving.

I am certain my perfect, healthy baby is growing in my womb.

My baby has implanted perfectly and securely.

My baby has been implanted in the perfect spot.

I loved seeing the positive result on my pregnancy test.

My body is the perfect temperature to support my growing baby.

My baby’s placenta is forming perfectly and healthy.

I am so thankful to have conceived during my last cycle.

My baby gets all the nutrients she needs.

My body provides all the nourishment my baby needs.

Keep in mind…

Early pregnancy is a time filled with a range of emotions and experiences. Whether it’s your first trimester or later in your pregnancy, try to stay focused on the outcome you want and use affirmations to maintain a positive mindset.

Repeating affirmations to yourself, incorporating them into your daily routine, and combining them with other techniques like tapping can be powerful tools for staying centered and calm during this special time.

Remember, you deserve this pregnancy and your body is perfectly capable of supporting you and your growing baby. So keep using these affirmations to stay connected with your body and bring positivity into your pregnancy journey.

For more affirmations, check out this post with 45 pregnancy affirmations for all trimesters. I also have a Pregnancy affirmation coloring book on Amazon (check it out here) to help you maintain a positive mindset as you navigate this new chapter of life.

I’m working on adding affirmations for specific conditions, like endometriosis. What topics would you like more affirmations? Let me know in the comments- thank you!

I’m so proud of you, mama! You are going to be such a great parent to your little one.

You’ve got this!

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