Affirmations for Conceiving Twins

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These affirmations for conceiving twins can be used if you are TTC naturally, medicated, with IUI, or IVF. If you’re wanting to conceive twins you may find that positive affirmations like the ones below are extremely helpful for maintaining a positive mindset and establishing beliefs that align with your desire. 

Fertility can be so complex and frustrating, but working on your mindset can make such a huge difference. Repeating affirmations to yourself can help you to feel confident and empowered on your journey. 

How to Use Affirmations:

There are many different ways to use affirmations, and you might find you like to use them in different ways each day. Do what works best for you!

Some of my tried and true methods for using affirmations are:

  1. Pick one or two and repeat those to yourself throughout the day.
  2. Write as many as you can think of in your journal.
  3. Say them (out loud or in your head) while exercising.
  4. Whenever you look in the mirror, look into your eyes and say one.
  5. Speak or think of them to yourself while driving.
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Affirmations for Conceiving Twins

1. I am open to conceiving twins.

2. It is safe for me to have twins.

3. My body is fully capable of carrying and birthing twins.

4. I am so lucky and blessed to experience having twins.

5. Having twins means double the baby fun.

6. I love feeling both of my babies move in my belly.

7. My twins are such a delight.

8. Having twins is even easier than I expected.

9. I am so thankful that my body is the perfect first home for my twins.

10. I love connecting with both of my babies.

11. Having twins is so fun, we have a blast together.

12. I am so happy and thankful to be expecting these twins now.

13. My babies are so healthy.

14. I feel so lucky to be pregnant with twins.

15. Both of my babies are growing at the perfect rate.

16. I am so lucky to have the perfect body to conceive and carry twins.

17. My body easily accommodates my babies.

18. I feel deeply connected to both of the babies growing in my womb.

19. My body easily nurtures both of my babies.

20. I am so delighted to be expecting twins.

21. I am so thankful that both of these babies are growing in my belly.

22. It is safe for me to conceive and carry twins.

23. I am so lucky and blessed to be pregnant with twins.

24. Having twins means I am doubly blessed.

25. I have loads of love for each of my babies.

Image of twin babies looking up. Text overlay says, "Affirmation- I am so thankful that my body is the perfect first home for my twins."

26. How did I get so lucky to be pregnant with twins?

27. Aren’t I so lucky to be expecting twins?

28. I am so thankful to be expecting twins.

29. My body knows exactly how to nurture and grow twins. I was made for this.

30. I love and support the twins growing in my belly. We are safe and healthy.

I hope you found these affirmations for conceiving twins helpful!

I love creating them to share with you. If you’d like affirmations for another topic let me know in the comments below. 

I’ll have more affirmation posts coming soon!

At first glance, affirmations seem so simple but they can be so helpful in aligning your thoughts and feelings with your desires.

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You’ve got this!

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