I help amazing women like you find joy in their journey.

When I was in kindergarten I proudly told my teacher that I was going to be an obstetrician. Dismayed, she said, "You don't even know what that is."

My spunky 6-year old self said, "Yes, I do. I'm going to help mommies have their babies."

Years later, 6 of those married to a wonderful man, and I find my 5-year old self may have been right in a way.

I decided not to be an obstetrician (too much blood) and instead focused on music. But in my own pursuit of motherhood through infertility and an unsurprising diagnosis of endometriosis I started this blog.

By writing about my experiences with fertility treatments and mindset work I hope to help other women going through similar situations.

You'll also find recipes since cooking has always provided stress relief for me. That, and playing as loud as I can on my euphonium.

In the lifestyle section you'll find posts on self care, home tips and other helpful info to assist you in finding balance in your life.

It is my hope that reading these posts and following along on social will help you to find some inspiration and joy on your own journey.

Katy & Josh

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