15 Fertility Journal Prompts

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These fertility journal prompts were created to help you on your path to motherhood.

Whether you’ve just started trying or are undergoing IVF you’ll find them helpful for releasing emotional blocks, maintaining a positive mindset, and energetically welcoming your future baby.

Journaling is one of those habits that I’m not always consistent with. But when I am I do tend to feel less anxious and stressed. Especially when dealing with fertility.

Benefits of Journaling:

Journaling allows you to express yourself without worrying about your words being misunderstood or judged. It can help you to examine your feelings without anyone telling you what you should be feeling.

Your journal is just for you. No one else.

Journaling provides an outlet to release the negative emotions that can come up. Maybe you just saw yet another pregnancy announcement and that was triggering. Grab a pen and jot down whatever you need to get out.

If you’re concerned about someone reading your words, you can always rip the paper and shred it or burn the pages (safely!) when you’re done. This can be really cathartic too.

How to Journal:

Journaling is personal, so there’s no specific way to journal. In the end, you are expressing your thoughts and feelings on paper.

Find a journal that you love- if you need a new one I created this journal with positive fertility affirmations throughout.

You may like to free write or make lists. Maybe you like to sketch or write poems. You could write a play-by-play of your day.

If I’m stuck on what to write I start with writing out affirmations or I’ll find a prompt to use.

I came up with these prompts while doing a fertility yoga video – I had to pause the yoga to write them down- you never know when inspiration will hit!

I hope they help you to release some blocks and start visualizing the outcome you desire!

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Fertility Journal Prompts:

1. What are my beliefs about motherhood?

2. What would I be doing if I were already pregnant?

3. In what ways can I support my pregnancy?

4. What can I do now to prepare my home for a baby?

5. What can I do to prepare for my pregnancy?

6. When I think about being pregnant, I feel…

7. What fears do I have about my relationship with my spouse changing with parenthood?

8. How can I connect with my baby during pregnancy?

9. What fears do I have related to pregnancy?

10. In what ways would I prefer my life to stay the same?

11. What should I forgive myself for today?

12. What aspects of pregnancy am I looking forward to?

13. How will I announce my pregnancy?

14. What are my beliefs about parenting?

15. When I think of myself as a mom, I feel…

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How will you use these fertility journal prompts?

These 15 fertility journal prompts will give you a good start on your fertility journey, from releasing negative blocks to visualizing your future as a mom. You can use one per day, one per week or whatever schedule is best for you.

I’d also suggest you come back and re-use the juicy ones that you end up writing a lot from to see what deeper layers you find.

If you’re looking for more positive vibes, check out this post with fertility affirmations next. And if you’re starting IVF then you might like this post with tips for stim shots or this one with tips for progesterone in oil shots.

You’ve got this!

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