11 Essentials for the Most Relaxing Bath

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There’re baths and then there are luxurious, relaxing baths. Today we’re going to go over how to take a relaxing bath. 

Whether you’re prepping for a fun date night or just unwinding after a stressful day, these ideas and products will elevate your bath to the next level so that you can actually rest and recharge (especially #4).

You can easily combine several of these products to make an awesome gift for someone’s birthday, mother’s day, Christmas, or as a just because gift.

11 Essentials for the Most Relaxing Bath

1. Bath Pillow –

A good bath pillow is essential. It provides cushioning for your neck and head so you aren’t trying to rest on the hard side of the tub. You’ll want one with quality suction cups. Bonus if it is machine washable and comes with a washbag. 

I’ve been using this one which has a hook so you can hang it to dry and comes with a wash bag so that you can clean it in the washing machine without ruining your pillow or washer from the suction cups sticking to the side. 

2. Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Bubble Bath –

Epsom salt is great for relaxing sore, achy muscles and this version foams up into luxurious bubbles! There are several different scent options but I usually go for the lavender one. The eucalyptus spearmint is great if you have a headache. It foams up well and the bubbles last a long time.

It’s widely available and can be found at retailers like Target, Amazon, and Walmart.

3. Bath Bomb-

Bath bombs are a fun, fizzy way to add scent to your bath. Many also color the water and sometimes have components to soften your skin. 

While you can find all sorts of bath bombs out there Da Bomb ones come with a surprise inside. They have lots of scents and themes so you can find the perfect one. You can purchase them from their website, Target, Amazon, and Ulta.

4. Stop Shroom-

Game. Changer. I didn’t enjoy taking baths for a long time because the water would drain out so quickly. Sound familiar? You get settled in and before you know it there’s just a few inches of water left and you’ve wasted all the hot water. 

This guy covers the drain to actually seal it so that you can take your time to soak and actually enjoy that wonderful hot water. 

Sometimes this can be tricky to get positioned just right and to stay in place, but once you do get it settled it makes such a big difference. 

Available at Amazon, Ace Hardware, and Bed Bath & Beyond.

5. Bathtub Overflow Drain Cover-

The easiest way to raise your bath water level! This guy suctions on over your bathtub’s overflow drain to give you a couple more inches of water. 

But will you have to worry about the tub overflowing? Nope! There is a drain hole in the side that you just position at the top and then push on each of the little suction cups to get it to stick over your overflow drain. 

Available at Amazon.

6. Candle –

Candles lit around the tub provide ambiance and a romantic feel to a luxurious bath. One of my favorites is the Lavender Provence scent by Aqua De Soi. They have 2 sizes of tin candles and 1 glass option. There are plenty of other scent options though like Champagne Lily, Sea Glass, Jasmine Hyacinth, White Wild Currant, Linen & Lace, and Balinese Teak. The tins have beautiful designs that are stylish and luxurious. 

They are available on their website, Amazon.

7. Kindle or book –

I love reading and as an adult, the free time I had as a kid to devour books just isn’t there. So taking time to just read is a luxury. 

While I love a good paperback there’s always the threat of water damage.

If you’re an avid reader you may already have a kindle. If you don’t have one, the kindle paperwhite is now waterproof and currently has 4 color options. It’s perfect for carrying around a whole library! 

Some of the books I’ve read are lengthy and using a Kindle is so much easier than trying to hold a 700+ page book. 

There are also some great books that are only available as ebooks and I’ve found the Kindle screen is much easier to read off of than a tablet or phone screen.

Instead of buying lots of books, you may want to try a Kindle Unlimited membership, which will give you access to over 2 million titles, and that includes best sellers and popular series along with classics and indie authors.

Plus, many libraries offer digital borrowing which means you can save money and space in your home or opt for kindle unlimited. There are so many options to keep your inner bookworm satisfied.

Kindle is available at Amazon.

8. Sipski Wine glass holder –

How luxurious does it feel to soak in the tub with beautiful bubbles, candlelight, and a glass of pink Moscato bubbly in your hand? 

But when you go to set your glass down you don’t have a place for it. Or worse, it slips on the water and spills all over! Noo! Your relaxing bath just turned into an impending clean-up. Ugh. 

If you enjoy drinking a glass of wine or champagne while relaxing in the tub this wine glass holder may be just the thing to keep your glass in reach. I would recommend pairing it with a plastic glass since you really don’t want to deal with broken glass in the tub. That would not be relaxing.

Available at Amazon, Target, and Kohls.

9. Scrunchie-

Scrunchies are making a comeback and are you totally here for it? I sure am! Especially silk and satin scrunchies. They are more gentle on the hair and supposed to cause less damage and breakage. If you’re a curly girl then you know how we love silk and satin to reduce frizz as well. 

These satin scrunchies by Kitsch feel really nice and you can find tons of options on Amazon.

10. Relaxing Bath Music-

If you have apple music, Spotify or Pandora you can do a search for spa music playlists or stations. I usually play music right on my phone and have it on the counter, away from the tub full of water. 

Another option is to play some relaxing music from YouTube. Jason Stephenson has some really nice videos with peaceful, calming music.

11. Super Soft Robe –

The perfect way to end a relaxing bath is by wrapping yourself in a comfy robe after drying off.

I love my navy robe from Soma– it’s lightweight, incredibly soft fabric feels so nice on the skin. Most of their clothing items are super soft and comfortable- definitely worth a try.

If you prefer something heavier, this robe on Amazon is made of cozy fleece and available with or without a hood. 

Ready for a Relaxing Bath?

I hope this list has given you some ideas and inspiration to treat yourself to a luxurious, relaxing bath. You deserve some ‘me time’, even if you can only get an hour of R&R it can make a big difference in your week.

If you want to finish up your relaxation with some great skincare be sure to check out these amazing skincare favorites.

Let me know in the comments, what is your #1 bath essential?

Enjoy your relaxation!

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